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How To Promote Your Affiliate Links

How To Promote Your Affiliate Links?

As an affiliate marketer, your job is to promote products using your affiliate link. More specifically, you earn from the visitors who click on your affiliate link and make a purchase before the cookie expires. Usually, this cookie that’s placed on the visitor’s browser has a duration of 30–90 days.

So, given the integral nature of your affiliate link in the process of generating affiliate sales, it makes sense to make your use of affiliate links as effective as possible.

This post will introduce you to the most effective ways to promote your links, build some traffic to your website and make more profit from it. Hey, that’s why we are here anyway.


  1.  Create Product Review
  2. Create Product Comparison
  3. Build An Email List (Had to have email autoresponder)
  4. Create a Landing Page
  5. Use Facebook Group


1. Create Product Review

One way of getting traffic to your affiliate link is giving a very formative and personal review on a product. It could be a blog post, a website, a youtube video or lately using Tiktok to create viral videos. In making this review with your decided platform, you should keep in mind 5 things to create a good product review.

  • Empathize with your viewers – Evaluate the product that would be unbiased and informative to your viewers or readers.
  • Identify who the product is for – Elaborate on the person who would benefit by using the product and services.
  • Create a rating system – Create a personalized way of rating a product or service, then stick to it. Your readers or viewers will notice the consistency and will be easy for them to realize more by just viewing your review.
  • Use your favorite SNS platform – If you are into Youtube, create an unboxing video, if you are into Tiktok, why do a presentation of a viral video that introduces your product.


2. Create Product Comparison

It’s almost another form of Product Review, the difference will be a product review is kind of a linear way of information. Product Comparison produces a different way of giving information about two products, which means two-way traffic and be much more beneficial to people who are interested in both of the services.

You can apply also the same technique here like writing a product review.

3.  Build E-mail List

After writing a review or a comparison, you might still not have the right traffic you want unless you are really good with SEO. If not, one another way will be building an E-mali List and automating replies with web services like MailChimp. This will help you ease your job and advertise products by automatically sending them affiliate links to boost your profit.


4.  Create a Landing Page

Even if you don’t have your own website, having your own landing page will always be optimal. It will be easier to create ads or funnel to your links if you have a landing page that will create interest. Acquire people’s emails, that you can use to throw in ads or affiliate links.


5.  Using Facebook Groups or Niche Websites

In certain countries, Facebook may not be popular like Japan, which uses more Twitter and Instagram. But for the rest of the world, Facebook has been a very effective way of connecting people who have the same interest in a niche. This will be the easiest way to find specific individuals of finding probably clients that could click your link. I always believe this will be better than using Facebook ads when you are starting out.

I suggest please don’t use Facebook and Instagram ads if you are just starting out. Unless you are using influencers who have a nice amount of followers.

I'm a Fitness Trainer, who happens to own an online business as well. Experience in starting up a business and was able to manage brands from zero clients to hundreds in a few months. I write anything about Health, Lifestyle and some new easy ways to make money.

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