8 Tasks everyday that will change your life3 min read

Tasks everyday that will change your life

Tasks everyday that will change your life (Challenge yourself to do this in 69 days)


We grow as an individual through challenges. These are tasks I want you to do, to change your life. THIS CHALLENGE IS NOT FREE! When you accomplished it, the payment for this task is you have to share this to your SNS feed. These tasks should be done every day. If you fail once, you have to go to Day 1 again!!


  1. Drink 3 liters of water
  2. Read 10 pages of any non-fiction book
  3. Train indoors for 40 mins
  4. Do outdoor exercises/sports for 40 mins
  5. Take a picture of your whole body
  6. No eating of junk foods and drinking of sugary beverages/alcohol
  7. Do 1 task that can make you closer to your goal
  8. save a minimum of 3 dollars per day


1. Drink 3 liters of water


I know this might sound easy, but for most people, this task is really hard. Besides, the fact that you have to go to the toilet for more than you would think. The timing would very important.


For some people, who cannot access any liquids from time to time. I suggest drinking 1.5 liters of water before you leave your home to go to work or go out with friends. In that case, it would be easier to finish the task. Lesser trips to the toilet as well.


2. Read 10 pages of a book


Reading Manga or any fiction novel is not counted with this task. You should read self-help or any books that could help you improve.


Ranging from financial books or educational books, that can instill you with knowledge. Learn something every day. Why not check the top boons on Ebooks.


3. Train Indoors


Training indoors, I do mean gym, home gym, or hotel space area. I wanted you to focus on two muscles group and train them for at least 40 minutes or more. Of course, take proper amount of intervals between sets.


4. Train Outdoors


With this you can do a 40 min walk, jogging, swim, playing basketball with friends, etc. Take proper precautions during summer and winter. Do not risk your health, if the risk is high. For example too hot during summer or too cold during winter.


5. Take your picture of your whole body


This would be considered your progress pic. I am not saying post every day on your favorite SNS but it would be amazing if I can see the results please put #fastmaze.


6. No shitty stuff on your body


I do mean don’t take any sugary beverages like Coke, Pepsi, or Dr. Pepper. Refrain from drinking at this time as well. If you want to finish this challenge you should be clean. No eating of fast food too. Like McDonald’s or any local burger fast-food restaurant. Treat your body right and take in some healthy foods.


7. Do 1 task that can make you closer to your goals


If you want to be a speaker, why not taking speaking lessons. If you want to work in Japan, why not take some Japanese lessons. Anything that can help you in your goal, do at least one task.


8. Lastly, Save at least $3


This is very important because it helps you on being thrifty but also I wanted to use this money as a present after doing this challenge. Many people will fail this challenge so instead of $207($3 times 69 days). Let’s see how much you can save with this challenge.


At the end of the challenge, spend the money to treat your wife or loved ones. Buy a new Jordan, anything that will make you feel you accomplished something then post it on your media. Ofcourse tag the website #fastmaze



I'm a Fitness Trainer, who happens to own an online business as well. Experience in starting up a business and was able to manage brands from zero clients to hundreds in a few months. I write anything about Health, Lifestyle and some new easy ways to make money.

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